APN Group has a research department with engineers specialising in the industrial design and research of technical solutions.

Based on your drawings of parts to be created, we will refer you either to our standard tools programme, or towards made-to-measure tools tailored to your requirements.

The stages of designing cutting tools


The specifications are studied closely to provide a strong foundation for the rest of the design process. It helps clarify your requirements, explore technical options and develop a clear vision of the shape and essential characteristics of the tool.

If tolerances are not indicated, we suggest our manufacturing standard.

Detailed design

The detailed design involves explaining the following technical aspects:

  • Shapes to be created
  • Type of operation
  • Name of material to be machined
  • Machining constraints
  • Quality requirements
  • Tolerances

The size of our tools is determined by the constraints of your parts, such as the shapes to be created and the tool clearance dimensions. Our tool attachments are cylindrical or standardised machine cones.

We determine the material and grade of tools based on the description of materials of parts to be machined. This can include different types of metal, alloy, ceramics or composites depending on different constraints such as hardness, adhesion, wear resistance and heat conductivity.

Design stages

Our design methods

We have used the 3D design software Creo Parametric to design our tools since 2011. Thanks to this software, we can model our parts and our assemblies to create drawings.

These drawings contain all the necessary information, such as dimensions with tolerances down to a micron, angles, contours and other specifics of the tool shape. They assist the production teams at each stage of manufacturing.

By using 3D CAD technology, we can offer a detailed design and realistic visualisation of the cutting tool, which makes it easier to communicate with our partners.

Our design methods

Design ensuring quality

At APN Group, we are proud of our commitment to quality and innovation. Our cutting tools are designed to offer optimal performance, exceptional durability and improved efficiency in your machining processes.

If you are looking for a made-to-measure solution for your cutting needs, we are here to help. Contact us today to discuss your project and discover how our expertise in cutting tool design can help make your business a success.